Vladimir Dyuzhev, author of MockMotor

Vladimir Dyuzhev
MockMotor Creator

Search MockMotor Instance for Reactions, Accounts and Environments

When you get dozens of environments, you may need a search function. Implemented!

Search inside of MockMotor instance was not implemented for a long time. After all, what would you look for? It is not an editor. It only generates responses.

But as data accumulate over years of use, the ability to find things fast becomes a time-saver.

Over the last month, I stumbled over requests to figure out which mock account has this particular weird value and what service listens on this port number. In both cases, I could not tell that from UI and resorted to running grep on the file system. Not good!

It was Pending for a Long Time, but Now it is Done

And lo and behold, I have added the search functionality.

It took me roughly three days, two of which were spent optimizing the indexer so it could chew through some 70 million mock reactions and accounts in one particularly big instance.

I hope it helps!