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Vladimir Dyuzhev
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Update: Importing WSDL Generates Schema-Valid Responses

MockMotor's got its own SOAP responses generation code

Before Build 3838

Until recently, all reactions generated by MockMotor when importing a WSDL were SOAP Faults.

MockMotor had no code to generate a valid payload from a WSDL Schema. The expectation was that the user would provide their own actual reactions anyway.

However, users sometimes want to create a mock service with reasonable responses to stub an endpoint for a flow, but they still need the actual responses. They had to open SoapUI and generate the required mock response, creating delays and frustration.

Now: WSDL Diff Library

MockMotor has a supporting application, WSDLDiff, that helps developers and architects analyze WSDLs' versions.

I’m getting WSDLDiff V2 ready, where it generates the example payloads for old and new WSDLs and compares them.

The very same code is used in the MockMotor itself. As a result, since MockMotor’s build 3838, the WSDL import generates the complete payloads for WSDL operations that satisfy the WSDL schema.

In some areas, the payload generator code is better than the one used in SoapUI.

For example, it supports the abstract types in the schema and tries to generate the concrete implementation of those (otherwise, it is a schema violation). It also generates the primitive values following the length and pattern restrictions. It even generates regexp-based values thanks to the awesome RgxGen library.