Data-Driven, Stateful, SOAP/REST Mock Service for Development, Functional and Load Testing

Real Test Environments Are Expensive

Test environments can cost hundreds of dollars a day, and hundreds work hours a month.

And the direct cost is not the only problem!

Can you reserve them all, and keep them if the project is delayed? How can you seed them all with matching accounts? How do you troubleshoot in a vendor environment? Can those environments handle the load? Why do you have to do it all again for every release?

Mock the Services and Save Time & Money

The services may be very complex, but their output is usually simple, and it can be simulated. All you need is a recording of the exchange between your application and the service.

Once you recorded the responses, they can be added to a mock service and modified to suit the needs of your project any way you want - without you ever needing to call the real backend again.

And the next release? You just re-use the same mocks, updating only those that need to be updated.

You Are in Full Control of Mock Services

  • You create the services, and you control them.
  • You can seed them from a spreadsheet, all of the services at once.
  • The services are never down, on maintenance or under deployment.
  • You do not have to ask for a lease from anyone.
  • The services will never be taken from you, no matter what.
  • They can support the heavy load of your LT or PTE tests.
  • You don’t have to wait for the backend code to be ready.
  • You can test all the error scenarios that are usually so hard to do.
  • Not even mentioning that the mock services are pretty much free compared to the real environments, even if taking into the account the extra work of setting them up.

    I only say that because I’ve been there and done that. Many times.

    I’m a software architect, and I’ve been working with web services for years. I took part in many SOA projects for large energy, banking and telecom companies, and all of those projects were made easier by mock services.

    However, building mock services for each project from scratch is a waste of time and money. At some point - not quick enough! - I realized the work is repeating and built MockMotor - a tool that does the hard part. You just need to fill it with the data and responses as your project requires.

    Vlad D., MockMotor creator.

    SOAP and REST, Data-Driven, Stateful, Scripted Mocks

    High TPS on a Single Server
    Configurable Delays
    Data Seeding from Excel
    Change with Confidence
    Multi-User UI
    Test Run Statistics
    Mock Services Re-use
    Coexist with Real Backends
    Stateful Test Scenarios
    Error Test Scenarios
    Simple Web-Based UI

    For team use, the trial period for MockMotor is six months. You may have completed your project before the trial expires, but hey, that’s OK - if you found MockMotor useful, you can use it for your next project, too.

    Single user? Get your Personal License! MockMotor is free for a single user even in a business environment.