Done-for-You APIs Stubbing
for Performance Testing

Isolate your application from unstable, low-capacity, expensive, wrongly-seeded API test environments.
Make every load run repeatable, save budgets and don't stress out.


Are You Tired of Unstable APIs During Performance Tests?

Did backend systems ever go down during your important load run?

Or do they merely slow down, and their response time is jittering, making your results invalid?

Do you have to pay arm and leg to reserve the high-capacity backends?

Or do you have to scale down your tests and drop the stress tests altogether?

How often have you found the backends are not seeded with matching accounts?

Does troubleshooting across multiple downstream systems drive you crazy?

Is it the same story again and again, every release,
making you feel helpless and angry?

Been There, Done That, Got XP

I’ve been in your shoes.

Since the early 2000s, I have worked with SOA / web services / APIs, helping my clients establish effective ways to test API-based applications in the performance testing phase.

I realized that performance testing is often an afterthought, and the teams lack the resources and tools to thoroughly and efficiently load-test the applications. To help, I was and am making mock services for my clients.

I’m ready to help your team, too.

Some of the Companies I Helped

The Solution is Simple: Mock the Backend APIs

Mocked APIs are always available.

Their response time and performance properties are predictable and can be configured as required. You can even simulate complex degradation scenarios!

Your test runs are easily comparable, apples to apples, and accounts are retained between releases to reproduce the scenarios exactly.

And, importantly, the mocked APIs are, in order of magnitude, less expensive than real test environments.

Do You Have the Tools and People with Skills To Make It Happen? No Worries If You Don't.

Meet MockMotor!

Done-for-You Professional Services

You can contract out the creation of mock services to me, from analysis to the load runs' support. Let someone experienced solve your problems away!

Recording and Analyzing Traffic
Implementing Mock Services
Team Training

Capable Software Product

Your team can install the MockMotor server and mock the APIs independently. Runnable under Linux or Windows, as a single instance or in a cluster.

Stable Response Times
All Backends are Always Available
Scalable for PROD-like Loads
No External Dependencies
Data Seeding from a Single Spreadsheet
Local Data, no Cloud Privacy Concerns

Served Millions of Mocked Responses and Counting

Try MockMotor

... We've saved weeks and $$$ in LT by using mocks instead of PROD-like backends.

Do you need to replace an expensive vendor's API with a mocked version?

Take These Easy Steps

Schedule an Intake Session with me

I learn about your situation and problems and verify that my services can resolve them.

Contact me via email, WhatsApp or over the phone.

Develop a Custom Implementation Strategy

Together, we devise an implementation plan that fits your budget, constraints and team’s capabilities.

PoC Project and Team Training

I implement a small but self-sufficient part of your project and train the team on how I did that and why.

On-Demand Availability

Once the team can deliver independently, I step back but am available to help on demand.

A license fee have to be paid regularly to support the updates and development efforts.

I'm here to help you every step of the way. Contact Me