Vladimir Dyuzhev, author of MockMotor

Vladimir Dyuzhev
MockMotor Creator

MockMotor 1.8 is Out

After 1.5 years of MockMotor 1.7 closed production use and three months of MockMotor 1.8 beta testing, the new release 1.8 is finally out.

Below are notable improvements in MockMotor 1.8:

Windows Installer

MockMotor now has an easy to use Windows installer.

Windows version is free by default.

Simplified Variables

Account and HTTP variables can now be referenced without a full path, e.g. id instead of account.id or user instead of http.parameters.user.

Read Simplified Variables for more info.

Swagger Import

You can now import Swagger API definitions to create a REST service.

Read Creating REST Service for more info.

Unlimited Response Headers

Response HTTP headers are not limited to two now.