The mock services field is crowded. Everyone offers mock service products in one form or another.

However, most of those products are SaaS and REST only.

Both of these properties are a problem for enterprise and a stand out opportunity for MockMotor.

SaaS mock products don't let a company run a load test with production-like volumes. No matter how good instances the mock service uses on Amazon, the bandwidth between the data centers can't compare to the 1Gbit (or more) network the company has internally.

REST-only may have sense ten years from now, but today many of enterprise services are SOAP. Excluding them is a showstopper.

MockMotor, on the other hand, is an on-premises product and supports SOAP natively.

It becomes clear that MockMotor positioning should shift towards on-premises load testing - i.e. where those countless SaaS REST-only services can't compete.

Starting today, I'm going to update all content on the site to emphasize the load testing capabilities.

I will also plan and execute (regularly) a set of load testing-aiming tests to confirm and measure MockMotor's capabilities.

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