Priced to Deliver You the Maximum Value

You need a team to get the work done. With MockMotor, you can add more team members any time - at no cost. You can add more mock environments, more mock services, more mock responses - and the price still stays the same. The more and longer you use MockMotor, the better value you're getting!

Personal (DEV)

For developers testing their own code.

  • Free, just download and use
  • Single user
  • All features enabled
  • Perpetual license
  • Use on your own machine only. Support time is not guaranteed.

    $0. Zee-roh.

    Team (DEV/QA/LT/PT)

    For teams doing repetitive test cycles with multiple environments, web services and accounts.

  • Hosted on premises, one server IP
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited mock environments
  • Unlimited mock services
  • Unlimited mock accounts
  • 30 days trial with all features enabled
  • Linux or Windows
  • Load-test capable
  • Priority email support is included
  • Free updates
  • $177/moPurchase

    Professional Services

    To give you that initial momentum that helps you get going.

  • Installation
  • Product training
  • Creating the initial set of mocks
  • Custom integration
  • Subject to availability.


    Everything is Included in One Simple Plan

    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Mock Environments
    Unlimited Mock Services
    Unlimited Mock Accounts
    SOAP with Attachments
    Configurable Delays
    Data Seeding from Excel
    Change History
    Multi-User UI
    Test Run Statistics
    Mock Services Re-use
    Coexist with Real Backends
    Stateful Test Scenarios
    Error Test Scenarios
    Simple Web-Based UI
    High TPS on a Single Server

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What are Mock Environments?

    A mock environment contains a number of mock services and isolates a projects from other projects. You can have an unlimited number of mock environments.


    Can I try MockMotor for Free?

    Sure. MockMotor comes with a 30 days trial period.

    You can also try the Personal version on your own machine. It has the same functionality except for being single-user.

    What are the Personal Plan Limitations?

    Personal Plan is aimed at developers who tests their own code on their own machine. Because of this, it accepts calls only from local machine. For the same reason, it only has one user and doesn’t require a login.


    I Need a Customization…

    Please check the Professional Services pricing. Email me to check the availability and get a quote.

    Academic/Educational Pricing?

    Any government accredited school can get a FREE educational license. As long as the school doesn’t use it to develop commercial software, the license remains free.

    I Need Something Else…

    Please send me a email.

    Educational and Non-Profit Licenses

    Any government accredited school can request educational licenses or lab licenses for FREE with proof of status. These licenses can only be run on computers owned by the school. The licensee is not allowed to use the software purchased with an educational license for any commercial purposes. The software cannot be resold. Support time is not guaranteed.

    Qualified not-for-profit organizations can get a 15% discount.

    Prices are subject to change without notice. Read more about support conditions here.