Try MockMotor first, estimate your savings and then we can agree on the price.

MockMotor Pricing

MockMotor is priced based on its value for specific user.

It doesn’t make sense to charge a user with five services to mock the same rate as the one with two hundred services; nor does it make sense to charge an India-based company the same rate as a US-based.

Contact me and we can discuss the options.

License to Use

A license to use is paid annually based on number of used instances.

Each instance that serves test traffic, be it a MockMotor admin or clone instance, is increasing the price.

Note: MockMotor trials are free of charge until you include MockMotor into your regular process. Just install it and play with it. There are also no limits on number of mock environments, services, application users or any other objects during the trials or after.

Support Contract (Optional)

You can buy an extra insurance from me in form of a support contract. Based on its terms, I can help planning and troubleshooting complex cases, or advice your team on capacity planning and other fine points of MockMotor use.

Additional Services

Onboarding Services

Not sure your team has the capacity or skills to do the migration to mocks?

We can arrange a DONE-FOR-YOU contracting agreement where I do any or all of:

Product training
Creating the initial set of mocks

Here I’d have to charge my Canadian rate, which is inhuman.

Subject to availability.

Custom Integrations and Modifications

Custom requirements can be implemented with a separate delivery and support contract.

Subject to availability.