The price is solely based on the number of servers.

Users, mock environments and mock services are UNLIMITED.

Standard Pricing

Prices are subject to change without notice. Read more about support conditions here.

Standalone Server

Hosted on premises
Unlimited users
Unlimited mock environments
Unlimited mock services
Unlimited mock accounts
Linux or Windows
Load-test capable
Priority email support is included
Free updates

Prorated for shorter terms.

CAD 12,377/year

1 Clone Server

For heavy load tests, the clone nodes handle the additional volume, allowing for horizontal scaling of MockMotor installation.

Prorated for shorter terms.

CAD 4,217/year

Pilot Period is Free

You can install MockMotor on your servers and do trials and pilots for as long as it is required for confirming its fitness to your goals.

Once you include MockMotor into your normal testing process, you must purchase a license.

Unfavourable Exchange Rate Discount

If you operation in a country that has a currency exchange rate that makes it too expensive to buy products marked for US, please contact me. We may find a solution that keeps your ROI in black.

Onboarding Services

Not sure your team has the capacity or skills to do the migration to mocks?

We can arrange a contracting agreement for:

Product training
Creating the initial mocks

Subject to availability.

Custom Integrations and Modifications

Custom requirements can be implemented with a separate delivery and support contract.

Custom integrations
Custom payment terms

Subject to availability.

Educational and Non-Profit Licenses

Any government accredited school can request educational licenses or lab licenses for FREE with proof of status. These licenses can only be run on computers owned by the school. The licensee is not allowed to use the software purchased with an educational license for any commercial purposes. The software cannot be resold. Support time is not guaranteed.

Qualified not-for-profit organizations can get a 15% discount.