I listened to the “Everyone Hates Marketers” podcast episode with Kevin Roger.

He said that most performant jokes among the standup comedians are built by the “Identity-Struggle-Discovery-Surprise” formula.


Identity: “I'm in Walmart with my kids.” The listeners immediately understand the situation and the persona in it. Struggle: “My kids are being assholes.” The listeners been there and done that, so they understand the struggle, too. Discovery: “And I see that fly swatter on the shelf.” There is something that promises the end to the struggle. Surprise: “I swat my kids with it, and then realize I don't have kids!” Funny.

According to Kevin, the same formula applies to positioning in business. Instead of surprise, use whatever result you or your customers want. As he described his own positioning (in my own, very simplified reading of it): “I was a standup comic for years. I was broke. Then I found this magic formula. Join my membership site, and you'll get the business results you want!”

Sounds very convincing.

So I went and updated my own About page. It now reads:

I'm building web services-based enterprise systems for some 25 years for clients small and large.

I was always straggling to test the web services to the point where I felt 100% confident in their functionality and performance.

Years ago, I started creating a basic mock server to help my clients and me to cover the scenarios that are hard or incorrect to test locally.

Today, this mock service has grown into MockMotor - a product that can support most complex functional and performance testing needs. Use MockMotor to confidently deliver APIs into production, reduce dependencies on partner teams, perform PROD-like load tests and verify corner cases.

Sounds much more focused than the one that I had before.

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