SOAP and REST, Data-Driven, Stateful, Scripted Mocks

MockMotor is built with a complex modern enterprise environment in mind, where the good ol' SOAP services are intermixed with cool new REST ones, and Basic HTTP Auth is used side by side with OAuth and JWT.

Unlimited Users

It is all about the teamwork. Have as many members of your team using MockMotor as you like. The price will remain the same.

Unlimited Mock Environments

Multiple projects in works at once? Multiple overlapping releases? Isolate projects and releases to their own dedicated mock environments.

Unlimited Mock Services

Need to mock one service or a thousand - one MockMotor installation supports them all — no need to break the bank.

Unlimited Mock Accounts

Need to run multiple data-driven scenarios? Setting up a load test? MockMotor supports an unlimited number of mock accounts.

High TPS on a Single Server

MockMotor can handle the heaviest enterprise load. The capacity scales with the available hardware.


Use XQuery and XPath to script SOAP/XML responses. Use JavaScript and JSONPath to script REST/JSON.

Configurable Delays

Set up mock response times to mimic the real production services. Randomize response times or make them dependent on mock accounts' properties.

Data Seeding from Excel

Import thousands of mock accounts directly from Excel. Export to Excel and transfer them to another environment to seed a new project.

Change History

All your changes to mock responses are tracked and can be rolled back if required. Backup mock environments for later re-use.

Multi-User UI

Password-protected access. Environment-level access control. Only environment owners can change anything in the environment.

Test Run Statistics

The number of calls per service. The number of errors. Detailed interaction log, including the payloads and headers.

Mock Services Re-use

You don’t have to throw your mocks away! Clone a mock environment or service, and you’re ready for your next release test cycle.

Coexist with Real Backends

Forward requests to the real backends. Update mock accounts with reply data.

Stateful Test Scenarios

Update mock account values from a request and use them to control the response logic.

Error Test Scenarios

Test failure scenarios that are hard to reproduce in real systems.

Simple Web-Based UI

Your test engineers are probably not experts in web services. That’s OK. The UI is simple and full of tips.