Script Library

When you need to do the same calculations in a few reactions, you can extract that logic into the script library.

The functions in the script library are shared within the mock service and can be used in any reaction.

The functions can be defined in Javascript and in XQuery.

JS Library

To add JS functions, simply define them in the Javascript window:

function links(n) {
  return n * (n-1) / 2;

Then you can use the functions in any reaction input field that supports scripting.

For example, set the delay proportional to the matched accounts number:

150 * links(accounts.length)

XQ Library

To add an XQ function, define it in the XQuery window.

The function must be defined with the local: prefix.

declare function local:links($n as xs:integer) as xs:integer {
	$n * ($n - 1) div 2

The function then can be used in any reaction input field that supports scripting:

150 * local:links(count($accounts))