Change History

If a reaction was working fine yesterday but doesn’t work correctly today, you may want to check if there were any changes made to it.

The Reaction History tab allows you to check for changes, and even undo them if the changes were wrong.

Checking the History

On the Reaction page, click on the History tab. You will be presented with a list of changes that were made to this reaction since its creation, with the newest changes first.

Each change is annotated with what fields have been changed:

Click on the change’s timestamp to see the change details.

You are now presented with a diff-like view. On the left, you see the reaction fields before the change and, on the right, those after the change. Modified lines are highlighted in yellow, added are in green and removed are in red:

Reverting to Previous Versions

If you want to revert the reaction to the older version (for example, if the newer version is incorrect), click on the “Revert to Version on the Left” button. As its name implies, it changes the version currently shown on the left side to the current one.

You are then asked for a confirmation.

The revert itself also creates a history record, so you can revert it later as well.