What Hardware is Required


MockMotor is a multi-threaded application, and can use as many CPUs are you give it.

For a mocked transaction without configured delay, MockMotor uses one CPU per transaction, and the maximum concurrency is defined by the number of available CPUs.

However, since most LT transactions have a configured response time higher than the required CPU time, the thread releases CPU early and MockMotor reaches much higher concurrency on a small number of CPUs.

Ballpark figure: Give it 4 CPUs per expected 100 TPS.


For performance, MockMotor stores all mock responses in memory, precompiled. That requires a noticeable amount of RAM, sometimes a few GB.

Ballpark figure: Allocate 1M of RAM per reaction.

In a clustered setup, each node stores a copy of each compiled response. All nodes in cluster use the same amount of RAM.