Save Big on Expensive Vendor APIs in Load Testing

Replace Test Backends' APIs with Smart Mocks
Vladimir Dyuzhev, author of MockMotor
Vlad Dyuzhev
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I help Performance Testing teams to save on expensive PROD-like APIs through done-for-you, start-to-finish APIs virtualization.

I do the work, you reap the benefits!

Big and Quick ROI

Modern business applications rely on tens and hundreds of external APIs.

Using my services to simulate them, a PT team can realize THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in monthly savings. The ROI period can be as short as ONE MONTH!

Lower Operational Costs

Test APIs capable of load testing cost thousands of dollars a month. A release can save up to $10,000 per backend API, even taking into account the switch costs.

No Scheduling Nightmare

You don’t need to reserve the test environments or share them with other projects. The mocked environments are always there for you.

Fewer Downtimes

Even the best test APIs rarely have availability over 0.99. If an application uses ten such APIs, the unplanned downtime can reach 10%. Mocked environments are highly available.

More Testing Capabilities, for Free

Outage and graceful degradation testing are costly to setup with real APIs. These capabilities come as a part of the standard package with mock services.

The savings grow when mocks are re-used across multiple releases and projects.

My Clients Executed Millions of Mocked Transactions and Saved Millions of Dollars

Companies in all lines of business around the world are implementing service virtualization to increase the development velocity, reduce the testing costs, increase the testing stability and do more tests in parallel.

The Process: How Do I Help You

You need to replace an expensive vendor’s API with a virtualized version, but don’t know how to approach this project? No worries! I’m here to do that for you, start-to-end.

Here is what you should expect:

We have a consultation chat

I need to learn about your situation and problems, and verify that my services can, in fact, resolve them.

You send me the sample requests and responses

Use any tools that your team is comfortable with, and record the example transactions.

I appreciate if you also send me any related documentation or files, such as SDS, WSDLs or OpenAPI documents.

I review the API

I work with most types of APIs for the same flat rate per service.

However, in some rare cases, the service is so convoluted or large that it takes extra time to mock it. If it is the case, I will tell you that upfront, and it is up to you to decide if we move forward.

I create and thoroughly test a MockMotor-based standalone virtual service

The deliverable mirrors the behaviour, payloads and response times of the real service and can be seeded with more accounts if needed. The mock service is packaged as a standalone JAR file.

You validate the virtual service in your PT/LT environment

The deployment of it is simply running the package. You verify that the product can, in fact, replace the real environment under real load.

I invoice you and you pay

I only get paid if you’re 100% satisfied.

This is Not Only About Saving the Money!

There are many benefits to virtualization that will make your life eaiser, your work faster and your results better.

No Unnecessary Paperwork

No need to reserve or provision the services. Just add what you need to your mock environment, and you're set.

You Don't Have to Ask

All the virtualized services (mocks) belong to you. You create, update or delete them as needed for your project.

Seeding from One Spreadsheet

Guarantee the consistency by seeding from one file. If found an issue, fix it and seed again, right away!

You Control the Versions

Stable release, current PROD code or yet unreleased versions - you control what your application sees.

Mocks Never Down

Barring some system-level events, mocks never need to be down. Your project's blocks are minimized.

PT? LT? No Problem!

Mocks need no databases or other typical bottlenecks and can support a much higher load than the live systems.

Troubleshoot Instantly

Anything that goes wrong goes wrong under your control. The troubleshooting time is reduced to the bare minimum.

Re-Use Until End of Times

Investments into mocks pay off the next release. And the next. And the next. Until the Sun becomes a red giant.

Who am I?

Vladimir Dyuzhev, author of MockMotor

I’m a Software Architect with more than twenty years of experience. For a larger part of that time I worked with SOA / web services / APIs, and helped my clients to establish effective ways to test the API-based applications in integration and performance testing phases.

In fact, I do it so often that I created a special tool for that - MockMotor, a standalone LT-grade mock service. Having this tool made me even more efficient in solving my clients' problems.

I am based in Toronto, Canada, where I do consulting work for large telecoms, banks, energy and medical companies.

Some of the Companies I Helped


My pricing is simple and straightforward: I charge a fixed price per virtualized service.

There are discounts for multiple services in one contract.

Turnkey Virtualized API + 1 Year Support

USD 9,780

Suitable for complex services with responses depending on mock account data or the step in the flow.

Virtualizing the sample tramsactions using mock accounts
Supporting stateful scenarios (such as registration)
Expanding the mock accounts set based on requested data mix
Client team can expand or modify the mock accounts

Basic Virtualized API + 1 Year Support

USD 6,780

Suitable for relatively simple APIs with a limited number of response’s variations, such as AddressInfo.

Creating mocks only for the provided transactions
Mock accounts are not used in favour of static responses
No stateful scenarios

Are you operating in a country with an unfavourable USD exchange rate? Contact me, and we may arrange a custom pricing.